Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Caffenol and 4-Aminophenol HCI.

Rodinal, (discovered in 1890) has been around much longer than Kodak's D-76 (discovered in 1921). And even thou its original maker is no longer in the business of producing it. It is still being produce by other companies, as well as by the DIY photo buffs.

Schearing, invented 4-Aminophenol HCI, and commissioned his long time friend Dr. Momme Andresen to help him find other uses for it, besides using it to make cloth dyes for the English Garment Industries of the late 1800's.

4-Aminophenol HCI, is one of the best film developing agents to use in high temperature development. Because it will remain stable at high temp., as shown in its use in dying cloth at elevated temperatures.  

Rodinal, is a good film developer. Thousands of people will not use any other developer. And I agree with them, if you were not going to do enlargments pass 8X10. But when you are going to do larger enlargements. Sometimes, Rodinal is not the developer to use. Because 80% of the time, Rodinal will start to show its grainy side. Only 20% of those persons that I know, who have used Rodinal for making large enlagements have shown success. Not good odds at all. 

So what do you do. 

Well, there is always Pyro, PMK, or even homemade DK-50. But what do you do if you only have 4-Aminophenol HCI and no other developing agent; and worse yet..., low on funds.

Use your favorite formula of "Caffenol" and add 0.5 to 1.0 grams of 4-Aminophenol HCI per liter, and see a new world of blacks, whites, and shades of grey.

I am updating this post, because persons want to know what brand of coffee that I use; when I make my favorite Caffenol. Well, I use Maxwell House Coffee. I not only use it in my Caffenol..., I drink it as well.  So why purchase two types of coffee, when one can serve both uses..

First, I add 3 qts of water in a crock pot, then I add one half cup of coffee, and boil it for 6-10 minutes. I then let it cool down to around 100 degrees, and then I filter it in to a deep ceramic bowl, using a clean old white tea-shirt. I will then bottle that..., into a Snapple glass bottle until I am ready to use it.

As you can see, I do not use any metal pots or metal materials when I make my Caffenol. 

KennyE Caffenol: 120 film

16 oz of coffee
5 teaspoons of washing soda
1.0 g. of 4-Aminophenol HCI

Develop for 12-15 minutes, agitate every 30 seconds. 
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