Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Inventive Nature of All of YOU

Over the years, I have belonged  to many photographic forums. And at everyone of them. I have met wonderful people.

But I have also met people I wish that I had not met.You know the ones. The one that wants you to conform to his or their way of thinking

Sometimes, you come up against that person, who has this belief that he knows all the information on all the subjects or enough to make him the regent expert.

Then there are the ones that states that he is a chemist, a chemical engineer, a photo engineer. An engineer's, engineer. And you should take his words as law.

Well, in a world of big bombs, mortars, mines,  friendly fire, and suicide bombers. "Who Cares"?

Actually, I do.

I care about those persons that follow my blog. I want to know and I need to know what your thoughts and ideas are; when it comes to photography.

Photography is not just a bunch of formulas made from metol and hydroquinone. Nor is it a bottle of Rodinal. We can not sit and just be satisfied that we have PyroCat HD or something whipped up out of coffee. And we all know that D-76 is not the  latest or the greatest developer out there. It is just the easiest to obtain. Because most of the others, are no longer made. Which does not make it great.

There are many development agents out there, that you may have thought about using or doing something different with. Pyro, Para-Aminophenol HCI, Glycin, Amindol, Chlorohydroquinone, PPD, and a host of others.

Do not sit around thinking that you do not have the knowledge or the training. Because nearly every great invention from the 19th to the 21st century have been created in someone's kitchen, garage, or basement. While they were tinkering with an idea, that others thought, was a dumb idea.

I truly would like to hear from all of you. I will not laugh, nor make fun of you or tell jokes about you. Because I know that somewhere out there, one of you, is that great inventor.

Edison, Ford, Westinghouse, even DuPont, did not have a wealth of education, chemistry or other engineering backgrounds. They merely had the desire to go forward with their dreams and ideas. Edison failed hundreds to thousands of times in his searches, as did Bell. The AK-47, of Russia, was design by a tank mechanic, and it is now one the most use weapons systems in the World. Yet from their small steps, others went on to improve and develop their ideas and dreams. And we now have cellphones that can do nearly everything except give you, your first born.

Do not be afraid to fail. Because the Universe, that we all live in, does not give up its secrets easily,  regardless of its size or importance.

I will not tell you that your idea was already tried or invented. Hell..., I will say, let's do it again. Because inventing something and discovering the Universe's secrets, regardless of its magnitude. Is like sex. You get better at it, the more you do it.

So lets do it again. Just maybe, they or we miss something.

Please, submit your comments, your ideas. Because I do not have a lock on all the intelligence in this Universe or this Planet. God gave me lots of company. He gave me, YOU. And You. Email me even. There is no law against doing that. In fact, I would enjoy hearing from all of YOU.


Thank You


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