Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Requests for Meritol and KennyE 777b Panthermic Developer

I have received numerous request for Meritol,  as made by Johnson and Sons and KennyE 777b Panthermic Developer. And I have decided to give it a shot. It will take approx.,  two months or so..., once I get it started. But I will make the items available as soon as possible. As well, I will include the Triple 5 "Fine Grain Developer", for those who wish to mix their own.

I will not call my developing agent Meritol. Because I will be producing  my form of  "Meritol", which is a tad bit different from the Meritol once made by Mr. Starnes, of Johnson and Sons.

I have decide to call it "Grantadiamine"  and not Meritol. It will be 90% pure and will be available only in liquid form, in 2 oz. bottles. With one bottle, you will be able to produce 2 liters of developer. Formulas of which..., can be found on Ian Grant's website, under Meritol Super Fine Grain Developers. You will only need 30 ml, instead of the 16 or so grams stated in other formulas. Why? Because today's chemicals are made a great deal better and more pure than those made in the 1930's and the one that I make are very concentrated.

Example: Gasoline in the 1930's, used lead to increase the octane levels in gasoline. Today..., it is done through better refinement.

Note: The mixing of P-Phenylenediamine and Pyrocat  together in water, will not give you "Meritol", however, you will produce a basic ultra fine grain film developer.

Link to Ian Grant's Website: http://www.lostlabours.co.uk/photography/formulae/developers/devMeritol.htm

Listed below is a recommended formula.

   Grantadiamine, Phenidone, and Borax Fine Grain Developer 

Distilled water, 125°F /52°C
  400 ml
  15 ml
  00.2  g
Sodium Sulfite
 100.0 g
Distilled cold water to make
 2.00  g
 750 ml 

   Developing times: 8 - 15 minutes
   Dilute: none, develop for 8- 12 minutes. For better sharpness dilute 1:1 and develop 10-15 minutes

Grantadiamine &  Phenidone: As with Johnson's, Meritol, Super Fine Grain Developer, this formula requires that the sensitive materials have about 25 per cent more exposure than normal, but the overall advantage of Grantadiamine, is its rapidity. The above formula replaces the Metol developing agent used in the original Meritol's Super Fine Grain Developer, with 0.2 grams of Phenidone,  providing a soft, yet warmer contrast.

Note: I am providing the Grantadiamine only. It is not the complete formula. You will have to supply the other chemicals yourself, which includes the Phenidone, the Sodium Sulfite, and Borax.

The main developing agent that will be used in KennyE 777b ( the revised Harvey version of 777) will be call "Kineticmicronel". It will also be 90% pure, only because that is as pure as I can make it and test its purity level. KennyE 777b will come in 4 oz. bottles only. A recommended formula is listed below.

Note: I am providing the complete formula in liquid form. One 4 oz. bottle, will make approx. 2 full liters. It is a concentrated solution liquid..

  KennyE 777b Panthermic Developer

Water (125°F/52°C)
Sodium Sulfite (dessic)
Sodium Sulfate
Cold water to make

 KennyE 777b is a "Panthermic Film Developer", used at temperatures from 65 to 90 degrees F.

"Triple 5" will be in one liter dry packs.

Grantadiamine (liquid) 2 oz.     1 ea            free

KennyE 777b  4 oz. (liquid)        1 ea           free

Triple 5   1 liter packs              1 ea             free

Shipping  and Handling Cost    
$19.00        USD

No International shipments.

I will set up shipping and handling payment via PayPal.

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