Monday, May 2, 2016

p-Phenylenediamine: It is not available at Photographer Formulary anymore. Will it return?

Photographer Formulary, at the present time is not selling p-Phenylenediamine HCI in bulk.

At one time it was very easy to obtain it for our photographic needs from them. Now however, that question is up in the air.

As more and more companies close their doors, many of the items that we use for our hobby is becoming very hard to obtain, our resources are beginning to dry up and go away.

Photographer Formulary, like most companies that sell bulk chemicals, are being watched and controlled by our government, due to illegal drug producers and terrorist looking for sources to obtain bulk chemicals. As sad as it truly is, there is a real danger out there; and we  honest Americans and citizens of the world. Are caught up in the middle.

I can not say anything negative against the United States government or other nation governments doing their task in protecting their citizens and its properties. But it does hurt when you (an honest citizen) becomes a victim..., in ways that one does not expect.

If anyone out there is finding it difficult to obtain the few chemicals needed in performing their hobby and require assistance in getting their required photographic chemicals (100 grams or less).

Please shoot me an email, and I will try to help or assistance you the best way that I can.

In the mean time. Color Developer2, can be used to replace some of our p-Phenylenediamine needs. And it is still available at PF. For how long..., is any ones guest.

Thank You

Kenny E


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  2. Kenny:
    haven't seen your posts for awhile. are you still there?

  3. Kenny:
    They got it back in stock at this time. A bit expensive, at $110 a pound, but I expect that is a lot of pictures!